A personal note from Michael...

Hi and welcome!

Because you have made it to this website, then in some way or form, there is something here meant personally for you. Whether it's the information on the pages you see or a particular issue that I can help you with through God, you will find what you need to correct your path and ultimately change your life.

As you take in what is on this website, keep in mind that in the big picture, there are no coincidences.


What is a Spiritual Medium?

A Spiritual Medium is an individual that has an ability to use his/her heightened extrasensory perception to communicate with those who have passed on from this physical life, or plane of existence. Mediums receive their messages in different forms such as: images (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience) (please click on the italic underlines to go to glossary). Differing from psychics who work on the earth plane, mediums work in the spiritual plane where spirits of the deceased reside. Mediums are sensitive and finely tuned to the higher vibrational frequencies or energies of the spiritual plane. 

Who is Michael Miziker?

Michael Miziker is a 3rd generation spiritual medium who has given comfort, relief, and direction to untold numbers by way of his readings, clearings, and exorcisms for over 15 years.

Michael (a Pisces) was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. He survived his first near death experience at the age of 18 months, when he contracted a combination of pneumonia and bronchitis. By age five, he became aware of his ability to “see” the dead when he and his cousin witnessed the appearance of their recently departed great grandmother. As he passed through his formative years, Michael’s gift continued to grow with the guidance of his father, who also had the gift to see the dead as well as future events. During this time, Michael survived numerous close calls with death and severe injury. These events would continue into his late twenties, being a pattern that would repeat until its message for him was fully understood.

As a teenager, Michael’s more negative life encounters with people and events led him to see his “gift” more as a curse, for he was at the infancy of being able to use it with understanding. Although Michael attempted to suppress his gift for several years, that action was to no avail. At age 21, another near-death experience occurred during routine surgery. Following this and several other unique experiences during his early twenties, Michael’s path became clearer to him, revealed to him through his spirit guides. Thus began his practice of readings with close friends, connecting them to passed loved ones, warning them of imminent dangers, and informing them about future events. As time went on and word of Michael’s gift spread, his readings progressed outwardly to the general public.

As Michael continued his practice of spiritual readings, his Claire-abilities widened to encompass all. In his early thirties, a personal experience occurred, revealing to him that it was also necessary for him to help those who had passed from this physical life, to cross over into the light. This event led him to renew his working relationship with God. Unbeknownst to Michael at the time, this was just the beginning of his full and true calling.

Today, with Michael establishing a global presence, he is moving forward on a journey along a path directed to him by God. As a humble servant of the Lord, Michael continues his work for those who seek spiritual healing.

Michael Miziker
Spiritual Medium, Healer, Exorcist

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